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An MTA for workstations and for servers in small networks.

This is the new project page for the MTA `masqmail'.

Latest version is: 0.3.5 (2015-02-07)

(Latest version in the old development branch is: 0.2.30)

Masqmail was originally written by Oliver Kurth (oku). Since he stopped
developing, I took the project over (with his permission). 0.2.21 is the
last release by him. 0.2.22 is the first version by me.

Access to the code repositories:

The development branch (0.3):

The stable branch (0.2):

Note: The development branch is not backward compatible. Ask on the
mailing list in case of trouble.

* mail to list: <>
* subscribe list: mail to <> with the subject
  `subscribe masqmail'
* mailing list access and archive through gmane:

-----  Debian package page  Mirror of the old project page

Distribution specific
Package information for

SUSE:   masqmail-suse.tar.gz (for 0.2.21)
RedHat: masqmail-redhat.tar.gz (for 0.2.21)
        (most likely for the current release)